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Music and Jewish culture

24 November 2016
CREMONA Museo del Violino

Thursday, November 24th at 8.30 pm, Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi

Concert of the TRIO NefEsh composed by: Daniele Davide Parziani violin, Manuel Buda guitar, Davide Tedesco double bass. The evening will be introduced by Fausto Cacciatori, curator of the Collections of the the Museo del Violino, and Titta Magnoli Bocchi, historian and journalist.

FREE ENTRANCE subject to available seats.


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18 September 2016
Photographic exhibition

From 18th September 2016, at the Jarach Hall of the Central Synagogue, in via della Guastalla in Milan, the exhibition of more than 70 colour photographs by Alberto Jona Falco. They are coming from the celebrations of the 500 years of the Venice ghetto, to also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Jewish Community of Milan. A collection of images that accompanies the visitor in a journey along the peninsula, discovering the Jewish architectural heritage. From north to south, from west to east, the Italian synagogues through the passionate and curious gaze of those who have had the privilege of being able to stop and admire those marvelous places.


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Jewish Lombardy

06 December 2015
Mantua, Aula Magna Isabella d’Este, via Giulio Romano 13
Facts and figures of the Lombard Judaism between Renaissance and Modern Age

Giuseppe Veltri (chair professor of Religion and Jewish Philosophy at the University of Hamburg): The personality and the work of Yehudah Moscato, a leading figure of the Mantuan Jewish culture in the 16th century.

Mauro Perani (chair professor of Hebrew at the University of Bologna, seat of Ravenna): The poet and cabbalist Mosè Zacuto, born in Amsterdam and appointed Rabbi of Mantua in 1673.


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Jewish Lombardy

22 November 2015
Mantua, Aula Magna Isabella d’Este, via Giulio Romano 13
Facts and figures of the Lombard Judaism between Renaissance and Modern Age

Stefano Patuzzi (president of the Man Tovà Association ): Salomone Rossi. Mantua and the invention of Jewish music.

Maurizio Bertolotti (president of the Mantuan Institute of Contemporary History): Relations between Christians and Jews in Mantua in the age of emancipation.

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Jewish Lombardy

11 October 2015
Palazzo Bondoni Pastorio via Marconi 34, Castiglione delle Stiviere
Facts and figures of the Lombard Judaism between Renaissance and Modern Age

Giulio Busi (director of the Institute of Judaism of the Freie Universität of Berlin): History and characteristics of Lombard Judaism. From the late Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, and up to the age of emancipation.

Silvana Greco (Professor of Sociology of Judaism at the Freie Universität Berlin): From Milan to Auschwitz. Liliana Segre and her exemplary testimony to the memory of the Shoah.


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Women and their Olive Trees, Art for Peace

09 October 2015
EXPO Milano
Pavilion of Israel

Women and the Olive Tree, from the symbol to the work
25 Israeli Jewish, Muslim and Christian women in Afula's WIZO center, together paint a subject: the Olive Tree. An extraordinary message of peace and coexistence through culture and art.

Welcoming with bread and oil

Bread, that has always been present in the history of many people, represents what it is essential for life. It evokes golden wheat, hands that knead, hands that break and share...
Oil is what gives knowledge, taste for food. It immediately recalls the sunny Mediterranean landscape and the plant from whose fruit man has been producing it for centuries, that Olive Tree which from the Biblical narration is a symbol of peace.
Offering bread and oil express the desire of a humanity that has not only what is necessary for life, but can also enjoy that peace that light and knowledge give its existence.




Crunchy percussions and sweet resonances

25 September 2015 to 27 September 2015
Quartiere Fieristico of Cremona
Connecting space between the Pavilion 1 and the Pavilion 2 of the fair.

In Mondomusica, for an initiative of the Federazione Strade dei Vini e dei Sapori di Lombardia (The Ways of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy Federation), an exhibition has been set up that in ten panels tells “Armonie di Sapori” ("Flavour Harmonies"), combining in an original way music with local food traditions.
During the days of the event, the exhibition will be put on in the connecting space between the Pavilion 1 and The Pavilion 2 of the fair.
Mondomusica is organized by CremonaFiere (info: www.cremonamondomusica.it ). The initiative was realized within the Rimon project.
Info: Federazione Strade dei Vini e dei Sapori di Lombardia (The Ways of Wines and Flavours of Lombardy Federation) www.viniesaporidilombardia.it



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02 August 2015 to 09 August 2015
Esenta di Lonato del Garda

THE SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF JEWISH HISTORY holds a course in Hebrew Language and Culture by the Professor Franco Bontempi.
The lessons of the course begin on Sunday 2nd August at 6 p.m. and end on the following Sunday at 12.30 a.m.; for each day the timetable is as follows:
in the morning: from 9.30 to 12.30 a.m.
in the afternoon: from 3 to 6 p.m.
tel. 0309105147,
via Lamarmora 6
25017 Lonato del Garda (Bs)
INFO email: fbontempi@libero.it




Jewish odyssey in an Alpine valley

14 May 2015
Edolo BS
Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “Meneghini”

A conference between general and local history, which retraces the odyssey of the Jews who during the Second World War sought refuge in Valle Camonica.

The programme

The anti-Jewish persecution: main features and local dynamics - Mimmo Franzinelli, historian

Jewish presence and fascist repression in Valcamonica - Serena Furloni and Federico Mondini, researchers

From Aprica to Sciesopoli: interned Jews, saved Jews - Bernardino Pasinelli, archivist


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10 May 2015
Casale Monferrato
Castle of Casale Monferrato

In Casale Monferrato in the halls of the Castle, the Civil Service inaugurated on 10th May 2015 a large exhibition with 172 works of art realized in the last 20 years, by artists from all over the world.
All works of art that represent an extraordinary Jewish festival: the Festival of Lights, that of the 9-branched candlestick, in which the first one acts as a witness and the others are lit up one evening after another for eight days.
You can visit the exhibition until November 1st from Friday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The interpretation of a millenary history between art and design, the lights of the Jewish festival of Chanukkah in a unique collection, exhibited completely for the first time in the Castle of Monferrato.