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The first Lombard network dedicated to Jewish culture

Jewish Community of Milan


GAL Oglio Po water lands

GAL stands for the Local Action Group, and the GAL Oglio Po is the development agency for the rural areas between Cremona and Mantua. It promotes solutions of sustainable local economy, enhances the agro-food sector and the identity of the territories.

It carries out activities for the facilitation of local development processes based on the enhancement of the Jewish cultural heritage of the areas involved


Mantuan Institute of Contemporary History

The Mantuan Institute of Contemporary History is part of the network of the Institutes of History of the Resistance and of the Contemporary Age. The IMSC promotes and disseminates knowledge of the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular reference to the history of Mantua.

It deals with training for the Mantun, Cremonese and Brescian areas.


Associazione Federazione delle Strade del Vino e dei Sapori di Lombardia (Wine Ways and Flavours of Lombardy Association)

The Associazione Federazione delle Strade del Vino e dei Sapori di Lombardia (Wine Ways and Flavours Federation of Lombardy) includes 11 Ways, committed to maintaining, in addition to specific features and characteristics, also high quality standards in production and hospitality.

It promotes Jewish cuisine and local culinary traditions.


Sanguanini Rivarolo Foundation ONLUS

The Foundation is a point of reference for the cultural initiatives of the Mantuan territory and beyond. It is based in Rivarolo Mantovano, the historic municipality where Gorni Kramer was born, where you can visit the Gonzaga towers and master Gorla’s watchmaking art.


Municipality of Mantua

The Municipality of Mantua (UNESCO site with Sabbioneta) is committed to enhancing and promoting places, events and past and present testimonies of the Jewish community, in collaboration with the Jewish Community of Mantua and all the organizations involved in promoting knowledge and culture of Jewish heritage.

Promotes the enhancement of the Jewish presence in Mantua.


Municipality of Viadana

Viadana is a fundamental reference point for defining the development dynamics of the Mantuan area, also from a cultural point of view. It is worth mentioning the Mu.Vi, the Ecomuseo Terre d'Acqua and all the initiatives of the local tradition such as the Melon Festival, the Zafferanone and the Lambrusco Festival.

It is carrying out the conservative renovation intervention of the Jewish Cemetery of Viadana.


Municipality of Piadena

Piadena is a Cremonese municipality, a crossroads with the Mantuan area. It gave birth to the sixteenth-century painter Altobello Ferrara (Altobello Melone), and to the humanist Bartolomeo Sacchi called "Il Platina" (1421-1482). Piadena hosts the Unesco Lagazzi Site and the seventeenth-century convent of the Girolamini.

It is carrying out the recovery of the portion of the Girolamini cloister owned by the Municipality to be dedicated to an information centre on the thematic cultural itineraries linked to the local Jewish communities.


Valle Camonica Cultural District

The Valle Camonica Mountain Community manages the valley of the rupestrian inscriptions. The Camunian territory is characterized by cultural stratifications of great importance that, from prehistoric times and through the centuries, have left evidence such as the rock carvings, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as monuments of great historical and artistic interest, rural architecture, traditions.

Research activity related to the experience of Jews in the War and in the Resistance in Valle Camonica.


Cultural District The Palaces of the Gonzagas

The District promotes the artistic and cultural identity of the Mantuan territory with particular attention to the Gonzaga theme, which has characterized Mantua and its territory since the sixteenth century, when the city claimed to be the small court of Europe.


Arvedi Buschini Foundation

The Foundation is a moral body that carries out development activities and support for the community, having among its aims the promotion of initiatives of education and social assistance, enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage. He is one of the founders of the Cremona Violin Museum. 

It promotes music and Jewish culture,


Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro

The best known of its brands is Pomì, a classic of the Made in Italy brands also known for its famous slogan "O così, O Pomì", which is 33 years old. The Consortium has a profound attention to the enhancement of the territory of origin, also through quality certifications, including that of Kosher.



CremonaFiere is the second exhibition centre in Lombardy, promoting Italian and international production excellence on a world stage. Two events in particular, Il Bontà and Mondomusica are references for the resources of Jewish culture (Kosher certification for agro-food and violin making for music).