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Istituto Mantovano di Storia Contemporanea

L’Istituto Mantovano di Storia Contemporanea è parte della rete degli Istituti di Storia della Resistenza e dell’Età Contemporanea. L’IMSC promuove e diffonde la conoscenza della storia dell’Ottocento e del Novecento, con particolare riferimento alla storia del Mantovano.

Si occupa di formazione per l’area Mantovana, Cremonese e Bresciana



31 March 2015
Lecture hall A.0.2, Polytechnic of Milan, University Campus of Mantua, Piazza D'Arco, 3

The series of meetings aim to enhance the material traces that narrate the ancient Jewish presence in the Cremona and Mantua area and to offer an overview of the ruins and places, deepening the knowledge of the urban centres that have hosted the communities since the 14th century. We will analyze the buildings, monuments, works of art, objects and discoveries still visible that document the culture and the Jewish history in our area.
The initiative is aimed at couriers and tourist guides, so that they can expand the offer of unusual routes capable of unveiling a little known historical and cultural wealth; at teachers, so that they can discover in the places an irreplaceable source of interest and knowledge for their students; at students, so that they can improve their ability to read and understand the cultural historical contexts and their complexity and at all citizens, because knowing the place where we live helps to share it, enhance it, conserve it, and preserve it.